Materialism made true humanity

Divers, Article

There is few words as demonized as materialism.

However, materialism has made what we are. We are materialist since we the discovery of fire.

Materialism allow to live and respect life, where religions of death want you to kill and hate life : without the materialistic thought that we live in the only real life, losers will always desire some better afterlife and condemning our lives to prepare his paradise. Hedonism and the will of power are the ultimate wish for abundance and progress, sine qua non condition for exploration, conquest and discoveries which forged the West.

Materialism and possession are what separate humans from animalkind and savagery. This is why private property is sacred.

Even the poorest and dumbest humans can be elevated from there state : the desire not to look like a homeless in rags elevates the lowest men.

Capitalism has made more for the poor than 15 centuries of disdainful christian charity.