The Dawn of Racial Progressivism

Divers, Article

Western civilisation is in a bad pass. Our enemies can’t be more responsible than our toxic allies. For more than 50 years all over the white world, anti-immigration speech has been hold by annoying slimy reactionaries and repulsive flabby conservatives.

We lost millions of opportunities of presenting a tangible and inspiring future to our people, instead of keeping sinking into compromises in the hope of delaying ineluctable social reforms. All the right firepower is wasted in shooting on over-popular concerns like feminism, ecology and individual rights. Meanwhile, no vision for the future is proposed by the right on these themes nor in a more global way, and the racial question is cowardly deserted.

We keep doing the same shit again and again, cooking it by different ways, and being surprised that is just keep disgusting the majority of white people all around the world.

Treating them as if they were mad, stupid or fanatic allow to avoid asking ourselves “what do I sell to people”. Hope, proudness, happiness, or just some reactionnary droppings ?

We have to choose betweent the low IQ conservative conspirationnists and normal people to who nobody has ever spoken yet.

What we needed is to attract a new human material, and change the codes by being in a complete break toward the old losers of boomer conservatism.